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Game On at LIDOMA

Welcome to LIDOMA, where esports and innovation collide to redefine gaming. As a leading esports platform, we’re setting the global standard for competitive gaming with a vast array of services—from meticulously organized online and offline events to cutting-edge game design. Our platform is a competitive arena where gamers can discover tournaments, elevate their skills, and win cash prizes. Beyond competitions, we’re pioneers in esports education and masters of marketing, ensuring every game and gamer connected to us gets the spotlight. Join LIDOMA, and be part of a world where gaming meets greatness.

Mapping Our Quest:
LIDOMA’s International Offices

Headquarters: Dubai, UAE

From the heart of Dubai, LIDOMA orchestrates epic gaming experiences as our main operational hub. Our headquarters pulse with the latest in gaming technology, driving innovations that fuel your play.

MENA & Europe Region: Istanbul, Turkey

Our Istanbul office stands as a beacon for gamers across the Middle East and Europe. Here, we tailor your gaming environment to be as thrilling as the region’s rich history.

LATAM & America Region: São Paulo, Brazil

In the vibrant city of São Paulo, our team connects gamers across Latin America and the Americas. We’re here to ensure you enjoy seamless gameplay, no matter where your adventures take you.

Asia Region: New Delhi, India

From New Delhi, our presence spans the vast Asian continent, offering dedicated support and localized services to enhance your gaming sessions.

Our Mission

LIDOMA’s Mission: To empower and engage the global gaming community through cutting-edge esports platforms and services. We aim to elevate competitive gaming by providing unparalleled opportunities for players to compete, learn, and succeed. By integrating state-of-the-art event management, innovative game design, and strategic educational programs, we strive to set the global standard in esports. LIDOMA is dedicated to nurturing talent, celebrating excellence, and connecting gamers worldwide, making every interaction with us a step towards greatness.

Our Journey at LIDOMA:
From Vision to Victory

The Beginning: A Vision for a Gaming Revolution, In September 2020, a team of passionate individuals launched LIDOMA to transform the esports environment into a comprehensive ecosystem where gamers could thrive. Our efforts quickly expanded our community, reaching over 1 million loyal gamers who not only compete but also connect and grow. Today, as we aim to become the global leader in esports platforms, we continue to shape the future of gaming with each event and initiative. Join us on this journey and be part of a movement where gaming meets greatness.


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  • 2021

    The year our journey officially began. Development kicked off as we established the LIDOMA Team Structure, laying the foundation for our future endeavors in the esports industry.

  • 2022

    Market entry, user acquisition, and the launch of our marketing strategies. This year marked our active presence in the gaming market, focusing on building our user base and initiating our comprehensive marketing plans.

  • 2023

    Advanced event management and expansion of partnerships. We strengthened our capabilities in hosting and managing esports events while broadening our collaborations with leading brands in the industry.

  • 2024

    Commitment to creating a safe and engaging physical environment for the gaming community. Our aim is to develop spaces that benefit both business stakeholders and audiences, enhancing the overall experience in the esports sector.