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Liwa Village

LIDOMA has created a special village for players

Liwa Village

Thanks to our collaboration with LIWA Village, LIDOMA has created a special village for players in the heart of Abu Dhabi.

Throughout the process, all preparations, themes, and marketing activities of the area were provided by LIDOMA. The area, named PUBG Mobile Zone, was created in collaboration with Tencent, hosting more than 200.000 gaming enthusiasts.

During the project, we worked with some of the region’s biggest influencers such as Maherco Gaming, raydin1v99, and Ahmet Bayat. Beloved figures met their fans in the area.

Throughout this process, we successfully reached millions of gamers through our marketing campaigns. Additionally, we organized an esports show match between the region’s favorite teams, Geekay Esports and Nigma Galaxy.

To ensure participants’ enjoyment in the region, we set up a Laser Tag area, a Target Shooting area for them to showcase their skills, a VR Station for experiencing virtual reality, and an Esports Stage to host participant tournaments and show matches.

Clients :
LIWA Village, Tencent

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Date :
December, 2024