LIDOMA and LIWA Village have joined forces!

LIDOMA and LIWA Village have joined forces!

09 Dec 2023

LIDOMA and LIWA Village have joined forces to introduce an exciting new addition: the PUBG Mobile Zone! Nestled in the heart of Abu Dhabi, LIWA Village welcomes visitors to explore a range of thrilling activities such as Laser Tag, Target Shooting, and VR Station within this dedicated zone.

Entrance of LIWA Village PUBG Mobile Zone created by LIDOMA.
Entrance of the area.

Moreover, the collaboration extends to the establishment of an Esports Stage, set to host a multitude of tournaments. Inviting teams from far and wide, the Esports tournament promises intense competition as participants vie for championship glory. The culmination of each tournament will unfold amidst the electric atmosphere of the Esports Stage, offering spectators an unforgettable experience.

Two PUBG cosplayers side-by-side at the LIWA PUBG Mobile Zone.
Two cosplayers at LIWA Village PUBG Mobile Zone.

From casual gamers to seasoned professionals, the PUBG Mobile Zone and Esports Stage provide a platform for enthusiasts to engage in their passion for gaming. Whether seeking heart-pounding action or competitive showdowns, visitors to LIWA Village can immerse themselves in a world of gaming excitement like never before.

With LIDOMA and LIWA Village at the forefront of this collaboration, the PUBG Mobile Zone and Esports Stage represent a new era of entertainment in Abu Dhabi, where innovation meets adrenaline-fueled fun.