PUBG Mobile National Championship 2024 Egypt

PUBG Mobile National Championship 2024 Egypt

20 May 2024

We are delighted to announce the PUBG Mobile National Championship 2024 Egypt, scheduled from June 10th to July 3rd. This highly anticipated event will feature elite teams from across Egypt, competing in intense matches that are set to enthrall the esports audience.

The championship commences with the Open Qualifiers from June 11th-13th, where teams will vie for their spot in the next round. The Group Stage follows from June 20th-23rd, building up to the thrilling Grand Finals from July 1st-3rd.

The team that triumphs will do so by showcasing incredible skill and strategic acumen, while the most valuable player will be acknowledged for their outstanding contributions and gameplay.

This tournament aims to break new ground in engagement, highlighting the exceptional talent and strategic insights of Egyptian teams. Our commitment to creating premier esports experiences is clear as we bring together the top players in the region to compete on this grand stage.

The PUBG Mobile National Championship 2024 Egypt celebrates the vibrant esports scene in Egypt and the growing enthusiasm for mobile gaming. Inspired by our community’s passion, we are committed to hosting more engaging and innovative events in the future. Stay connected for updates on upcoming tournaments and exclusive behind-the-scenes content that brings you closer to the action!