LIDOMA International Series #2 winners are Dark Knights!

LIDOMA International Series #2 winners are Dark Knights!

19 Dec 2023

Lidoma International Series #2 PUBG Mobile tournament has concluded! This marks the end of the second installment of the series, following the victory of Nigma Galaxy in the MENA region back in April.

In this latest edition, Dark Knights from the European region emerged as champions, captivating tens of thousands of live viewers. The Dark Knights’ team surprised all regions with their dominant performance, led by players V1C, KillerJoe, SLONIK, and KIPTABOSS.

A total of 18 teams competed for the top prize, with 6 teams from each region qualifying through regional qualifiers. After 5 matches, the final standings were as follows:

  1. Dark Knights
  2. Hardbass Team
  3. Falcons White
  4. The721 Aggressor
  5. RTG Esports
  6. KR Esports

Dark Knights established a significant lead in the point standings, with a 17-point gap over their closest competitor, Hardbass Team.

Standings from #LIS 2 Tournament
Final standings.

The tournament was broadcasted by six commentators, with two commentators assigned to each region. In the Turkey, Mehitra and Gtrst provided commentary, while Enigma and Mustache Dave covered Europe, and Denver and Flanker handled MENA.