PUBG Mobile Gamer’s Grand Rumble: A Landmark Event

PUBG Mobile Gamer’s Grand Rumble: A Landmark Event

06 May 2024

We’re proudly hosted the exhilarating PUBG Mobile Gamer’s Grand Rumble from April 17th to May 3rd. This highly anticipated event featured top teams from across Asia, engaging in intense competition that drew over 10,000,000 impressions—a number that continues to grow.

The winner of the tournament sponsored by Rooter platform was 4Merical Vibes, followed by Pigmy Team and Bigetron Next Gen. The most valuable player of the event was B4RON from 4Merical Vibes.

This year’s tournament not only set new viewership records but also highlighted the strategic brilliance and coordination among teams. The event spanned action-packed days, concluding with dramatic finals that captivated fans worldwide. Our commitment to delivering top-tier competitive experiences was evident, as we brought together the best talent in the region to compete on a grand stage.

The success of the PUBG Mobile Gamer’s Grand Rumble is a testament to the vibrant community and the ever-growing excitement around mobile esports. We are motivated by our community’s enthusiasm and look forward to bringing even more engaging and groundbreaking events in the future. Stay connected with us for updates on upcoming tournaments and behind-the-scenes content that brings you closer to the action!